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Revision Status: Veritas

Revisions to Veritas, Book Two in the series, is currently underway! Approximately 77% done.

Revision Status: Legend of Black Rose

Revisions halted until further notice.

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Every writer, no matter who they are, utilizes a great many number of people.  It is very selfish and arrogant of any author to say, "I didn't have any help, I did this all on my own!" Psh, please. It takes a community to write a book.

While this list is going to grow over the years, I already have quite a few to give credit where credit is due.  Some of these people are still in my life, others are not for many reasons. Regardless, none of this would have been possible without them.

So, I have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to several people who helped me create the list of gods and goddesses, naming the kingdoms, naming the months and hammering out countless details:

Karen - She gave me lots of help with the gods and goddesses, details of the months, names of the months, figuring out festivals, holidays and so much more.  Thanks for all you helped me with.

Lynn - Again, brainstorming was the best part of a lot of this.  She gave me names, ideas descriptions, you name it!  Thanks to you as well!

Vinnie - I did get a couple of cool critters out of Vinnie.  Not to mention a couple of descriptive plants and properties.  Thanks!  Oh yeah, I also got just a couple of pieces of your artwork as well.

Larry - It goes without saying, really, but I will say it anyway.  Thanks!  Your help with creatures, characters, plots, ideas... boundless and I am sure there is much more to come.  We're not done yet baby!

Cheri - Thanks to you for allowing me to bounce ideas off of you, borrow your eyes to check for mistakes.  Most importantly of all, pushing me to keep writing!

Lisa B. - You too... You pushed me to write, you let me bounce ideas off of you and looked over my work as well.  You and Cheri are good to have in a corner, cheering you on and I only hope I return the favor doing the same thing.

My Writing Community: You know who you all are. There are so many of you, I can't name you all. But for those who have encouraged me, pushed me, cheered me on and answered questions without making me feel a fool, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Character Credits:

Listed above, I thanked the people who helped me with world creation, the gods and goddesses, etc.  Here I would like to thank the people behind certain characters.

Laria:  If it weren't for her, I would not have the fun little quotes all over the page from the person behind Laria.  Not to mention the countless details it takes to get to "know" a person/character.  I've had to ask her many times, "Would Laria do this, say this?"  "What would she do in this situation?"  All because I want to get the details of her character right.

Alabassin:  Same goes for him!  Thanks for putting up with the endless, "Here, read this and tell me if I am on the mark!"

Nikkolani:  You are just now getting to read what I've written and I hope that I have portrayed your character to your liking.  Just know things I've changed I have changed for the story.

I also need to thank Tyren, Farrehn and Vendras.  I've tried very hard to keep in line with their characters even though I am not in constant communication with them.  I do hope they come across this and read this, to know how much fun they were to write!  What a challenge.  Lol!  And thanks to so many other people who play Legends of Cosrin, like Yanqui and Goldenaxe, Elendil (See, I told you there were some names I couldn't use.) Firesong (Who I based Talaver on, by the way!)  Brass, Midnightrogue, Canthius, Dantes, Trollhater...  Oh the list could go on and on!  Just about everyone who played Cosrin inspired me in some way shape or form.  Scratmonk!  You and Onimacus!  You guys were so much fun to RP with.  If I didn't mention your name, it isn't a slight against you, I just can't remember you all!!  Lol!

Note: 4/6/10 - A credit to my friend Stu.  I've decided that if I have forgotten to mention anyone, I'll make a note and date it.  I want to make sure I don't miss anyone!  So Stu, he's the man behind Baelfizir.   His character in LoC (Legends of Cosrin) was Balthy.  (Balthazore)  I've re-created him in my work as a Blood Guard.  Blood Guards are probably more akin to demi-gods than anything else and serve the Underworld and the goddess Ta'arinuru.  Stu has a game he's created called Sancara.  I have the link for that right here.  It is a text based RPG, like Cosrin, only far better because of Stu's unlimited imagination and talent.  Thanks, Stu!  I hope this makes up for leaving you out.

Note: 2/25/15 - Ray is also behind Sancara and has helped me out with a few things. He's given me plenty of ideas and encouragement. So thanks, Ray! I look forward to seeing what you do with things.

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