World of Eir du'Brusai

You Are Now Entering The Fantasy World Of Author M. L. Chesley, Please Leave Reality And Your Shoes At The Door...

Revision Status: Veritas

Revisions to Veritas, Book Two in the series, is currently underway! Approximately 77% done.

Revision Status: Legend of Black Rose

Revisions halted until further notice.

Revision Status: Bellum

Revisions halted until further notice.


Click here for a complete list of characters. Most are in the upcoming book, Adversarius, others will be making an appearance in future books.


A list of the names of kingdoms, cities and ruling families. *Currently under construction*


A complete, detailed list of the gods and goddesses of the world.

"An arrow in a man is worth two in your hand."

- Laria, Elven Ranger

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