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Revision Status: Veritas

Revisions to Veritas, Book Two in the series, is currently underway! Approximately 77% done.

Revision Status: Legend of Black Rose

Revisions halted until further notice.

Revision Status: Bellum

Revisions halted until further notice.

Beginning of a Fantasy World

I spent the better part of ten years working on my world.  My husband, Larry, helped a lot.  So where did it all start?

I have to give credit where credit is due:  Role-Playing games (RPG's). More specifically in this case, not Dungeons and Dragons, but Legends of Cosrin.  LoC is an online RPG.  It is text based and does not have graphics like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2 (which I play as well). It is all scrolling text. This gaming style forces you to use your imagination and when you role play, you certainly have to be careful of what you do and say, or rather type.

So what does this have to do with my world?  Lots!  In the beginning, my intentions were to write stories based off of the role plays done by myself, and friends.  But I didn't want to use their names (mainly because some of them were ripped from other fantasy stories, like Dumbledore and Treebeard).  If their name was of their own creation, I asked for permission to use it and they agreed.  LoC had their own forums where people could post their stories to continue their in-game role-play. This is where a lot of my stories began. I enjoyed them, as did my friends, so when I asked if I could use their characters and create new stories, I was met with a resounding "YES!".

I started with just a map of the city, then progressed from there to a small kingdom.  I fell into it so completely that I didn't want to stop there, I wanted to create a few more kingdoms.  Before too long, I had a whole world map. After that, I started thinking about what races and creatures would live where, and soon stories that formed into the history of the world began to form. Gods and Goddesses were created (Thanks to my friends Karen and Lynn) and a Pantheon was formed. Even to this day, I'm still adding things and creating background stories. So who knows where it will all take me.

"I find that when talking doesn't work, a nice sound thump in the temple usually does the trick."

- Laria, Elven Ranger

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