World of Eir du'Brusai

You Are Now Entering The Fantasy World Of Author M. L. Chesley, Please Leave Reality And Your Shoes At The Door...

Revision Status: Veritas

Revisions to Veritas, Book Two in the series, is currently underway! Approximately 77% done.

Revision Status: Legend of Black Rose

Revisions halted until further notice.

Revision Status: Bellum

Revisions halted until further notice.

About M. L. Chesley

M. L. Chesley is, in fact, two people.  Melissa Chesley (a.k.a. Mel), and her husband, Larry Chesley.  Mel began writing at age 19.  The world you will be (or are currently) reading about is Mel's idea, pulled from her imagination with the help of an Online Role Playing Game called "Legends of Cosrin".  When she met and married Larry, he helped her with world creation, names, and stories. (Black Rose is based on a character he created playing Dungeons and Dragons.) He also contributed quite a bit to the current map.  Being in the background suited him fine, but Mel insisted on giving credit where due, and he didn't want to be named on the books separately. A compromise was made, so their initials were used instead.

The world of Eir du'Brusai is a constantly changing place.  It grows and changes as much as our own world.  However, it is full of interesting races, characters and dragons.  Most of the races and creatures can be found in countless fantasy tomes, but a few are explicitly her own.

Mel has an online blog and she's admitted to being an MMORPG junkie. Right now, her game of choice is Guild Wars 2. Larry likes MMORPG's, but also likes building models in his spare time. Between work, family and writing, there hasn't been much time for gaming, but some days, raids just take precedence over everything.

So while you read the books, please bear in mind they are the product of two hard working individuals who wish to share their love of the fantasy world with you, the reader.  All of the work, in the books, on this website and the internet in general, are copyrighted and it would be dishonorable (to put it nicely) to take any of it and claim it as your own.  If you wish to write a story using any of the characters, feel free to contact Mel and ask.  I'm sure she would be delighted to see what your take on the fantasy world would be!

Also, feel free to post any questions in the forum, once it is up and running.  They'd love to hear from you.

From Laria's Guide to Hunting:

"If it has more heads than you have limbs, get the hell outta there."

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